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Two locations – two completely different themes, but one thing always stays the same – great fun.

At the Stalowa Street, there is 102 years old tenement house where you’ll discover the real Varsovian Praga district with all its charms and weaknesses.  If you manage to ramble along the streets of Praga, make friends with the residents of the district and the sight of stairway doesn’t make you want to run away… you will still get locked and have only 60 minutes to find an exit and go back to the safe world.

At the Wileńska Street you will find yourself in the world of magic, legendary creatures, and secret passages. You’ll either win or loose… Will you accept this challenge?

It is not an adventure for solo players. Take your friends, acquaintances or family with you. You’ll get the chance to trial your abilities of observation and logical thinking.  You’ll stand a chance of solving all the puzzles and riddles prepared for you only if you work as a team.


The Prague Puzzle Room is an alternative type of ESCAPE ROOM which takes place in a real world.

You have got 60 minutes to solve the riddles, find the hidden items and escape the room. The Puzzle Room is watched over and monitored by the employees. If needed, the players get hints. Of course, not everyone manages to get out. The joy is greater if you do manage to escape.

To solve the riddles you don’t need to know any foreign language but while registering you will be asked to choose whether the employees of the Puzzle Room should speak Polish or English. The hints will be given in a chosen language.

Who can play?

Anyone who wants to spend time in a productive and interesting way. Due to the difficulty of the riddles a player must be at least 13. Younger participants must be accompanied by adults. The Prague Puzzle Room is a game for adults and the young, for friends and families. If you feel uncomfortable during the game, you can stop it whenever you want and observe actions on the monitor. You can also give clues to other players.

This intriguing game is a great start of name-day, bachelor/bachelorette party or can be just an excuse to meet with the old friends.

You can also buy a voucher and make it a gift.

It is an original gift which will intrigue the receiver. You can pay for the voucher on-line using the tab RESERVATION/BUY A TICKET OR A VOUCHER or personally at the head office.

The Prague Puzzle Room is a great idea to integrate the employees at your company.

Thanks to it you will find out who is a leader and who can think out of a box. You can use this information later on to fit the tasks to your employees.