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The riddles are very logical and linear, interesting and coherent. Cool combination of electronics and many padlocks … Thank you for the great fun and best regards!

Brygada ER, facebook

The room fascinated us with its decor, the gameplay, its handling, service … generally all!

Room Busters,

Thank you for an effective cooperation. Great deal in terms of team building and getting to know the behavior of company employees.

Monika Renion – HR DIRECTOR, Olympic Casino Poland

A Very interesting Escape Room on the map of Warsaw because of its climate, which we have not felt in this city yet. PPZ definitely surprised us … and it was very positive.

Escape Runners,

Observing employees in a riddle room is a unique opportunity to define their personality, professional predisposition, coping with stress and time pressure. Praski Pokoj Zagadek is a solid business partner.

Agnieszka Salach – coach, psychologist business

Hannibal Room – fantastic! Great for beginners. This was my first escape room and I managed to escape two minutes before the time ended – thanks to a great team ˘. Thank you for the great fun .

Marta Niedziałkowska, facebook

I was wondering where to take my company’s emloyees in connection to the execution of our sales plans and the rooms on Stalowa street were a bull’s-eye. We all had fantastic time.

Tomasz Ruszczak – CEO ForeverClean Sp. z o.o.

Students love escape rooms. In Praski Pokoj Zagadek there are plenty of unconventional riddles, which require cooperation and commitment of the whole group. Professional service takes good care of the youths fun.

Krystyna Dróżdż – Warsaw High School teacher

I will not forget such birthday for a long time. At the beginning, an intellectual effort in the Kidnappers’ Room. Great riddles, lots of humor, a sweet surprise and a memorable photo in the end. Great mood for the rest of the evening.

Martyna Modzelewska